Pre-Arrival & Cancellation Policy

Making a booking

New Payment Terms: Part of the new regulations and policies to keep you safe include pre-payment.  Therefore the full cost of your stay will be charged to the card details given at the time of your booking within the 2 days prior to your arrival.  Please inform the hotel straight away if you require a different card to be used.

The best way to book your stay is online direct from our website:

Book a room  Special Offers

This will ensure the best price and latest offers available for the dates you are looking for.  You may still call the hotel should you prefer on 01756 792781.

If you have any concerns about your stay, our team will be happy to talk to you further about these.

If you have to cancel

Our cancellation policy is 48 hours from 12 noon before your arrival.  Group bookings require 14 days notice of cancellation without charge.  For other functions and events the cancellation terms will be provided in your booking contract for your specific event.

If we have to cancel

The management reserve the right to cancel your booking at any time and whilst this is very unlikely, there may be occassions where this is neccessary.  This could be due to an issue that has occurred with your room or an offer that is no longer available.  Please note that in these circumstances a full refund will be given and if within a week of your arrival every opportunity made to provide you with alternative accommodation.

For advance bookings 3 months prior to arrival, where offers are unable to fulfilled, an alternative will be given or your right to cancel with full refund will be available.