Public Areas

  • Please note that new requlations require you to wear a face mask whilst moving around the hotel and may only be removed whilst sat at your table for food or drink or whilst in your guest bedroom.

  • We have set up hand sanitising stations throughout the hotel for you to use and we politely ask you use these when entering the hotel.

  • Extensive cleaning of shared surfaces will be conducted throughout the day by our trained staff.

  •  Our toilets are equipped with sanitising sprays in the cubicles and sanitising handwash at the basins, as well as contact-free hand dryers and/or disposable hand towels.

  • To avoid overcrowding in the washrooms, we ask that guests who are staying with us use the bathrooms in their bedrooms.

  • When walking through the hotel we will ask that you please use your discretion and consideration by keeping a social distance of a minimum of 2 meters between yourself and other guests.